Piece of my cake

Dear me,

I’m not even going to pretend this is the most original ideas.

The fact that I’ve wrote myself plenty of letters before and shared a few on this very blog says I’m copying myself more than anyone else.

But I had to write this letter today. This whole day today you’ve wished, gifted and hugged a dozen of women, greeting them Happy Women’s Day.

But the most important person you forgot to wish is the person I’m currently writing to.

Call me narcissist, but I do believe you’re the most important person for me to greet this day to.

This day is celebrated to honor countless women who achieved success. This day is celebrated to send out a salute to them for their determination.

While I’m not saying you’re the most successful or most determined of sort, I believe you do deserve that I take one moment out of today to congratulate you for being you. Whoever you are.

I’ve read countless times, “journey matters more than destination”. Yes, you have completed 25 years of existence without having specific ,driven goals.

And yes, you still consider yourself to be searching yourself rather than finding yourself already, but you atleast got the willingness in you to do that.

Most people compromise and accept what others say that they are. You didn’t, and that’s worth appreciating.

So, on International Women’s Day today, I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you for being a lost soul who recognizes and tries to shelter other lost souls who needs it.

Thank you for being light enough to laugh at your own self but never at others, to love people boundlessly and seek it endlessly.

Thank you for kindness you show at times that even takes you by surprise, and your weird but interesting way to look at the world around you.

And more than anything,thank you for not giving up on others and now, not on yourself as well.

I hope you always remember how special you are, especially at times when it’s easier to forget.

Yours truly,



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