Stepping off a pedestal

Usually, when the words ‘dealing’ and ‘parent’ comes together, many eyebrows get raised.

It is common, or even customary, for a parent to deal with a child.

Even with the blinds on sacredness of parenting being off in the 21st century, we often show skepticism when someone shares their opinion on dealing with a difficult parent.

I generally fail to understand why. Parents are a world to a child, agreed. Parents are said to be gods in human form because they brought you into the world, agreed as well.

But we often fail to realize that they are in fact humans. They are bound by same laws as the rest of us. They have some great things and some flaws. They are humans who happened to be doing divine work of bringing a life into the world.

If they forget something important like your birthday? So what they are human who have immense pressure of taking care of a family.

They are allowed to be fussy, harebrained, clumsy, forgetful. They are allowed to be less that the image of perfection.

I have parents who’s demonstrated less than perfect image ever since I can remember back in my childhood.

They have been stubborn, unreasonable, petty, mean, cute but I still love them as much as I would’ve if they were stepford parents with white picket fence and softly spoken demeanour.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in matters of love and relationship. But what I have seen and learnt in my life is people are not perfect, relationships are perfect.

With a patience, love, care and thoughtfulness we can be comfortable enough in each other’s presence to step off the pedestal and be ourselves while around our loved ones.

Because as someone rightly said, perfection is way over rated. True, even flake, is far better than a fake.


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