And here you are

There came a time to find my glow,

The fabled rosy cheeks and shiny halo,

That notable blush when I smiled,

Those graceful tears when I cried.

What I had instead was not so pretty,

Not adviced or shared by wise and witty,

This was when inside me you grew,

This was me when the world was faintly blue.

Oh I loved you my sweet,

And eagerly awaited your arrival,

Even while having lesser chances,

Of my own survival.

I worried and cried even while sharing my joy,

Not loving you any less no matter a girl or a boy,

Spoilt you with my love before you were here,

Because even then I loved you more than I could bear.

I still glowed with love, my sweet child,

Felt that unfurling joy warm and wild,

When I first touched you oh my love,

Something covered my heart like a woollen glove.

There you were my glow, my miracle,

Making my belief in magic unequivocal,

Welcome to the world and in my arms my Reagan,

Giving me my glow when your life begun.

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